"If you are looking to earn one of the rarest pilot ratings, Multi-Engine Sea, then look no further than Sebring Aviation. Jason Wilkinson is an extremely professional and knowledgeable flight instructor who will teach you the intricacies of flying an AirCam on floats with ease. Before you know it, you will have your MES rating. I HIGHLY recommend Sebring Aviation for your next pilot adventure."

- Jason Wilkinson, CFI, CFII

"Just completed my MES rating in AirCam N51SC at Lockwood Aviation in Sebring Florida. Lockwood has a LODA from the FAA that allows them to instruct in this AirCam. The LODA requires you to have an unrestricted MEL and SES rating to use N51SC for your MES rating.

N51SC is a fun to fly well maintained airplane. Jason Wilkinson is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend Jason and Lockwood Aviation."

- Ralph Arwood

When the FAA qualified the Lockwood Air Cam to be used for the multi engine sea plane rating I immediately signed up for this rare rating as a Commercial add-on to my license. It was definitely worth the expense and effort. The owner, Phil Lockwood, has done a brilliant job of designing and manufacturing this unique and very capable amphibious machine.

He and his wife have surrounded themselves with a knowledgeable and professional staff that are a pleasure to know and work with as a student. The Chief instructor Jason W., is one of the best I have learned from in my 50 years of aviating. The study materials provided were complete and easy to understand, and have even been recently improved.

All of my numerous questions during the Ground instruction were completely answered and thoroughly explained. My timing was bad, weather wise (33-37 F. & 25 mph winds), but we were willing to give it a go and only because the Air Cam is so capable and powerful, were we able to accomplish the mission. There were no maintenance issues during the training and test flights and the aircraft performed flawlessly. I learned all about Rotax engines and that differential power is more important than braking while in the taxi mode. Cross winds were easily handled during take off and landing due to the balanced and authoritative flight controls.

The 1 foot+ lake waves encountered for landing and departing were readily overcome due to the extremely low ground speed at which this airplane can fly. No other seaplane could have handled these conditions as well as the Air Cam and would have been beat hard, especially during take off. The various maneuvers were expertly demonstrated by the CFI and provided excellent insight on how to do it just right. Keep the nose high during the climb and get the throttles right back after level off as all that power will get you going too fast very quickly.

The check ride, conducted by DPE Mitch P. was through and fair, and a testing checklist was provided which covered everything in a logical and professional manner. The oral exam continued during the pre-flight and check ride, but was relevant and material and gave additional insight into sea plane flying. Overall this was a very pleasurable time and well worth the effort and expense. I would heartily recommend this valuable learning experience to any pilot who wants to expand their learning horizons.

- Stephen M. Lind, ATP

Challenging, thrilling, straightforward, thorough, cost effective, well organized and well executed; that is how I would describe the multiengine seaplane rating offered by Sebring Aviation. The AirCam definitely lived up to the hype and all of its accolades are well deserved. The AirCam is fun, safe, nimble on the water, and a pleasure to fly! I can see why so many have been built and why I am sure the AirCam will be the gold standard for this type of training in the foreseeable future.

The AirCam is a sophisticated amphibian aircraft with a great combination of airframe and engine. I was thoroughly impressed by the AirCam’s single engine performance. The AirCam is a perfect platform for multiengine seaplane training. I should also mention that the forward visibility when getting the aircraft on the step is quite remarkable.

I would also like to compliment you on your instruction. You have command of the aircraft and the syllabus. Your teaching is concise, calm, easy to follow and most importantly you made the entire experience fun and rewarding. Yes, the end goal was a rating, but after all was said and done, our time together was more than a rating; it was a unique flying experience in a one of a kind aircraft.

I wholeheartedly recommend your program and I wish you nothing but success in the future. I hope many will come knocking on your door so they can experience the thrill of learning to fly this remarkable aircraft on water.

- Rick Johnson, ATP MEL DC3, B17, CE 500, B25, Commercial ASEL ASES AMES LTA Glider CFIIMEIG AGI IGI UAS

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