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Multi-Engine Seaplane Training

You can now obtain your Multi-engine Sea rating in the AirCam!

This training is intended for pilots seeking to add an Airplane Multi-Engine Sea (AMES) rating to an existing Private or Commercial Pilot certificate with the aeronautical knowledge, risk management, and flight proficiency standards outlined by the current Airplane Airman Certification Standards (ACS). Information specific to the operation of the AirCam in demonstrating mastery of skills in each area of operation is offered throughout.

It is recommended that applicants become familiar with the most recent version of the Federal Aviation Administration Airplane Airman Certification Standards (ACS), available for download at the following link:

The curriculum used in this training has been carefully developed for accelerated presentation and has proved to be an effective and enjoyable process for pilots with widely varying backgrounds. Note that the addition of an AMES rating does not require a “written test,” or knowledge test. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate thorough oral and practical evaluation that they meet the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience standards mentioned above.

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review our course guide before beginning the training course, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting Jason Wilkinson at


The AirCam Multi-Engine Sea Rating Training and AirCam Multi-Engine Sea Transition Training courses are offered on the basis that proper transition training is an essential first step toward safe operation of an experimental aircraft and a key element in the continuing effort to improve aviation safety. The Experimental Aircraft Association, as well as the FAA and NTSB, strongly recommend that all builders and new owners of experimental aircraft undertake a thorough transition training program before flying their own aircraft. Airplane Multi-Engines Sea (AMES) training is available to non AirCam owners who meet the prerequisites.

The curriculum used in development of our AMES training includes specific ground and flight lessons requiring up to three days and five flight hours to complete. Note that this estimate is based on an average of pilots from a variety of skill and proficiency backgrounds; some lessons may require additional time or remedial coverage of skills outside the scope of the basic training outline offered herein. Unfavorable weather may extend the time required to complete the training.


Applicants should meet the following prerequisite requirements:

  • Must hold at minimum a Private Pilot certificate with an unrestricted Airplane Multi-Engine Land rating as required by 14 CFR 61.31(d), (e), (f), and (i), as appropriate
  • Must hold a current medical certificate or qualify under BasicMed.



AirCam N51SC fitted with Clamar 2180 Amphibious Floats
Empty weight 1,377 lbs
Useful Load 623 lbs
Max gross wt 2,000 lbs


Training is offered at the Lockwood Aviation facility, through Sebring Aviation, based at the Sebring Regional Airport (KSEF).

1 Lockwood Lane, Sebring FL 33870


The cost of the standard AMES training syllabus including 5 hours of flight training and associated ground training is $3,300 over 3 days (excluding checkride). Additional flight training time may be purchased for $495/hour (dual only). The average total cost, including the checkride, is approximately $5,000 (plus applicable taxes).